News Breaking News Coronavirus Australia Update: 14-Days Forced Quarantine For New Arrivals To Australia

Coronavirus Australia Update: 14-Days Forced Quarantine For New Arrivals To Australia

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison addresses the media with the latest on Australia’s coronavirus crisis.

As predicted last night – Australia has reached over 3,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with New South Wales as the state with the highest confirmed cases of 1,405 – almost half of Australia’s total.

Key talking points from Scott Morrison update:

  • Australia has the highest rate of testing completed in the world
  • Forced 14-day quarantine for new arrivals
  • Enforcing isolation on individuals who should be self-isolation
  • Further support for business
  • School updates to come through states and territories
  • Childcare support is being reviewed

Australia has the highest rate of testing completed in the world

Scott Morrison has ensured the public that they are doing all they can to get in front of the epidemic, stating Australia has the highest testing rate in the world.

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Enforced quarantine for new arrivals

States and territories will be quarantine all arrivals at the airport/hotel for the whole 14 days.

So if you live in WA but arrive to Australia through Melbourne, you will be forced to perform quarantine in Melbourne for 14 days before heading home.

As an example of the number of arrivals coming into Australia – yesterday there were over 7,000 arrivals across the nation (compared to over 40,000 this time last year.)

This new travel rule will begin at 11:59pm tomorrow.

Enforcing isolation of individuals who are already in self-isolation

State and territories will have the power to enforce individuals who are already in self-isolation, if they don’t self-isolate as they are required to do, each state and territory can enforce means to ensure they stay at home in their residents.

Further support for businesses coming

Mr Morrison has stated that he understands that not all businesses will be able to survive, some businesses will have to close and that he wants to make sure they are able to reopen on the other side.

“We want these businesses to effectively go into hibernation, which means on the other side, the employees come back, the opportunities come back, the economy comes back.”

More details on the new support for businesses will be revealed in the coming days.

School closures will be at the discretion of each state and territories

Mr Morrison has updated that each state and territory will be working with schools in their area to determine the best path forward.

Mr Morrison said that on the other side of the holidays, school “won’t look like it has looked up until now” and that state and territory governments will be “pursuing their own arrangements”.

Childcare support is being reviewed

Mr Morrison stated that they are currently working on a plan to better support the childcare industry both the businesses and families.

However, there is no solution just yet.

More to come.

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Posted by ABC Perth on Thursday, 26 March 2020

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