News Breaking News Latest Worldwide Coronavirus Count: 600,000 & Counting

Latest Worldwide Coronavirus Count: 600,000 & Counting

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Over 600,000 known confirmed coronavirus cases have been recorded worldwide.

The milestones keep coming as the world has just reached 600,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Just two days ago we reported that the world was about to reach 500,000… and now here we are with another 100,000 in just two days.

The world has reached 600,000 confirmed cases

Those 600,000 confirmed cases have also resulted in over 27,000 deaths for a death rate of approximately 4.5%.

U.S likes to be the best in everything and today they are also the best at the coronavirus (but not in a good way). The U.S now has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world – leapfrogging Italy, Spain and China.

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The U.S now has over 104,000 confirmed cases – well above the publicised Italy at 84,000. New York alone has over 46,000 confirmed cases.

Currently, Italy and Spain have recorded the highest number of deaths out of any nation with 9,134 and 5,138 respectively. The U.S currently has had 1,704 deaths – whoever with such a high number of infection at such a rapid rate – these numbers could rapidly increase as well.

How fast are the worldwide cases increasing?

Growth chart of the coronavirus worldwide

Within two weeks the world has seen a 284% increase in confirmed cases. As you can see from the chart above the number of cases continues to grow at a fast rate.

U.S coronavirus growth chart

What is even more alarming in the last two weeks the U.S has seen a 3663% increase. That’s not a mistake… they have gone from 2,770 known confirmed cases to 104,256 within two weeks.

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Australia coronavirus growth chart

At a comparison, while alarm bells are sounding all over Australia and especially in New South Wales and Victoria our highest confirmed states – Australia has seen an increase of 1365% over the last two weeks.

While that increase is still significant – with the new measures put in place over the last week from the Federal Government to slow the curve – we will hopefully begin to see a slower rate of new cases emerge over the coming days and weeks.

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It seems that no one is safe from the coronavirus at this stage from 5-month-olds in Perth, to Prince Charles and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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